ASQ Volunteer Opportunities

We are an all-volunteer staff that works hard to provide excellent services to our members and the community. Will you help us?

There are many benefits of volunteering for ASQ Philadelphia:

  • a chance to gain new experiences,
  • meet and network with new people with similar interests,
  • be able to attend some courses at a reduced cost with pre-approval from section leadership
  • accumulate points over a three year period that enables you to recertify your ASQ certification without re-taking the exam,
  • apply for the ASQ Philly Certification scholarship of up to $350 to complete one of the twenty ASQ certifications.

Please consider volunteering your time helping the ASQ Philadelphia Section. Below are some suggested opportunities. Feel free to contact the leadership team or committee chairs if you have an idea of your own.

Evening Program Registration

Help with registration at an evening program. Contact our Program Chair and let them know that you can help out. Volunteers need to come to the program 30 minutes early to help set up, welcome members to the event, process the registrations, and hand out name tags at the registration table.

Contact new members and welcome them to ASQ

Every month the Membership Chair gets a list of the new members for the prior month. The Membership Chair then sends that list to three to five volunteers who contact the new members and welcome them to the section.  A phone call is the preferred method of contacting our new members.

Help plan a program

Perhaps you have a topic that you would like to present that would be of interest to our members. Or perhaps you know of a speaker who would like to present a topic. Contact the Program Chair and let him know how you would like to help plan a program.

Join the Marketing/Publicity Committee

We market and publicize ASQ Philadelphia and it’s events, courses, and programs.  We also work to foster an engaged community of quality-minded people in the Philadelphia area that is hosted and maintained on our social media sites and website to be a forum of information exchange, learning, and the promotion of quality.

Volunteers for the Marketing/Publicity Committee can help by creating advertisements for events, programs, and courses; publicizing past events (by taking photographs and notes); and, finding or creating information to foster our community:

Sharing findings published on the web that would be interesting and useful to our target audience

  • Features of the monthly ASQ member benefits: what it is, when it is available, how to find it.
  • Links to articles from other blogs/websites
  • Book reviews

Creating our own materials

  • News articles of the latest ASQ-Philly events
  • Written feature of an ASQ-Philly member, quarterly
  • Stories of how we incorporate quality into everyday life
  • “Did you know” feature about the ASQ
  • Recordings of ASQ-Philly presentations
  • brief video tutorials (30-60 seconds in length)
    • on the use of quality software packages
    • on navigating the ASQ website for special features

Contact one of the Marketing/Publicity chairs if you want to help!

Join the Section’s leadership team.

This team meets each month to plan and coordinate programs, handle section business and manage the progress of the Section’s operations toward our yearly goals. New and vibrant perspectives help us generate ideas and strategies to keep ASQ Philly Section 0505 as one of the top sections in ASQ.

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