Call for Volunteers- Delaware Valley Science Fairs

The 2020 DVSF will be April 6 – 9 at the Greater Phila. Expo Center (Phoenixville PA)
Why I should volunteer at Delaware Valley Science Fairs (DVSF)?.  
Gain personal satisfaction and inspiration from motivated future scientists and engineers.
Demonstrate your support for STEM education in a not-for-profit organization.
Earn community service or outreach credit.
Take a break and give back to a good cause.
DVSF is will have over 900 students, 300 schools and 200 teachers from the tri-state area. The awards are just under 3 million dollars and over 200 scholarships! It’s a 4-day event. Give a block of time, a full day or, all 4 days! We give on-the-job training, free parking and lunch. Plus.
·       You get to see firsthand what middle school and high school students are doing in STEM research today, in the tri-state area.
·       Share your expertise; everyone has a skill/experience from which someone else can benefit from or, learn something new.
·       Make an impact; volunteering at DVSF allows you to choose where and how to make a difference.
·       DVSF volunteers receive; on-the-job-training, lunch, free parking school, community, professional credit.
·       We need you. There’s a ‘job’ for everyone, of all ages (18 to 100).
What is DVSF’s criteria to volunteer?
·       Must be 18 or older (no children allowed to join you, sorry).
·       You don’t need to be in the science field, or have an advance degree. You may just like ‘giving back’ and like working with students.
             Times we are open and need help:

Please visit our web site and pick you time and day you will give us
Contact, Volunteers to sign up.
We need volunteers.