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ASQ ImpaQT Training and Coaching

The ASQ has announced a new series of training modules to replace the Koalaty Kid Program which trained schools and classroom teachers in the use of quality tools, providing strategies around school improvement initiatives. The new series of modules, titled “ImpaQT Training”, targets four levels of influence to improve schools:

ImpaQT: Leadership Coaching for Organizational Excellence

This effort is an advanced educational leadership coaching designed to create organizational excellence, including superior levels of student achievement, staff and stakeholder satisfaction, exceptional change management and process management and exemplary system performance. The underlying premise is that senior leaders must be system thinkers if their school district is to achieve organizational excellence.

The training is intended for senior leaders within school districts, including Board of Education members, superintendents, central office staff, directors, principal’s who are part of senior leadership, and union leadership.

ImpaQT Training for the District

This training for the school district provides a framework for continuous improvement. The course is designed specifically for superintendents and other district-level leaders who are experienced in quality training, who are new to quality, or who have varying levels of knowledge about continuous improvement and its function in strategic planning.

ImpaQT Training for the School

This module for the school provides a framework for continuous improvement within the school, weather the leadership team is experienced, is new to quality, or has varying levels of knowledge about school improvement. This training is intended for building principals, leadership teams and classroom teachers.

ImpaQT Training for the Classroom

This training uses continuous improvement tools to increase student’s ownership, engagement, accountability, and self-evaluation. The use of these quality methods clarifies expectations, aligns efforts and improves communication between students, teachers, and parents. K-12 teachers will benefit from the program regardless of where they are in their continuous improvement efforts.

For more information contact the ASQ Philadelphia Section Education K-12 Chair, Dave Gondak, by email or calling (215) 345-7355.

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