ASQ and Your Career

The ASQ Philadelphia is a resource that can help you to develop your career. Listed are 6 of the many ways we can help:
  1. The ASQ Philadelphia website includes tools to help connect local jobs and applicants. See our Jobs/Opportunities menu and check back often for updated information. If you’re a freelance consultant and a member, see the menu for how to get added to our consultant list.
  2. The ASQ Philadelphia offers courses for learning new tools and techniques, expanding your portfolio of knowledge. schoolVisit our Upcoming Events and Courses list frequently for updated information. If a Course you’re interested in is not offered, yet, contact our Education Chair to find out if it will be offered soon and to express your interest.
  3. The ASQ Certification can help you prepare for a change in careers or to enhance the career you’re enjoying. Learn more by visiting our Certification menu.
  4. The ASQ Philadelphia has a varied membership with a lot of experienAgreementce. Are you looking to change to a particular quality career but not sure if it’s the right choice for you? Our Jobs Chair may be able to connect you with another member who would be willing to share their experiences.
  5. For members, the ASQ has a Career for Quality section that not only lists job opportunities but also has career tips, services, and tools. Watch this video about quality careers.
  6. The ASQ Philadelphia hosts career events. George Ericsson spoke at a past event and had a suggestion of a way to approach your career selection.  Watch the short video: