Healthcare Quality Courses

Six Sigma/Lean Overview for Health Care   HC-450

RU: 0.4       Prerequisite: None

Abstract: The outcome of an Overview of Six Sigma/Lean is to provide the participants an understanding of the methodology, its application to their organization and aid in making the decision – ‘Is Six Sigma/Lean right for my organization?’

The Overview provides an understanding of the strategic benefits of the improvement methodology (meeting customer requirements, improving organizational efficiency and reducing cost), and the methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control).

The course presentation is via lecture and specific healthcare industry examples of application.  Participation is encouraged, question and answer, to address issues that the attendees have in the understanding of the Six Sigma/Lean methodology (tools and techniques), its strategic fit and implementation in their organization.

Executive Overview – Baldrige for Health Care HC-510

CEU: 0.4    RU: 0.4    Prerequisites: None

Abstract: The outcome of the Baldrige Overview is four fold: a basic understanding of the Baldrige Criteria, strategic benefits of the criteria, a high level self-assessment against the criteria, and help in answering the question – is the Baldrige right for my organization?
The Overview will provide a high level understanding of the seven categories of the criteria (Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurement Analysis and Knowledge Management, Workforce Focus, Process Management, Results), a self-assessment by criteria category as the requirements for each category is explained.

Baldrige for Health Care Organizations HC-515

CEU: 0.65    RU: 0.8    Prerequisites: None

Abstract: Individuals will be taught to understand and interpret the Baldrige Criteria for Health Care Performance Excellence, complete a high level assessment of their organization against the criteria and the basics of writing  an application.